PA American Donation to Jefferson Fire Co

Today, members of the Jefferson Fire Company and representatives from Montgomery County Dept. of Public Safety received donations from the Pennsylvania American Water Company.



Fom left to right:

Jim Sheridan, Vice President, Pennsylvania American Water Company
Ed O’Hanlon, Fire Academy Coordinator for Fire/Industrial Training, Montgomery County Department of Public Safety
Chris Feder, Fire Academy Coordinator for Fire/Rescue Training, Montgomery County Department of Public Safety
Wayne Kinsey, Sr., Deputy Fire Chief, Norristown Fire Dept (Hancock Fire Company)
Michelle Jackson, Deputy Director of Administration, Montgomery County Department of Public Safety
Ed Baetzel, Field Operations Supervisor РNorristown, Pennsylvania American Water Company
John Kennedy, Firefighter, Jefferson Fire Company
Mike Santillo, Jr., Assistant Fire Chief, Jefferson Fire Company
Brian Hassinger, Manager of Field Operations РSoutheast PA, Pennsylvania American Water Company

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