Jefferson Fire Company No. 1 has been protecting the residents and businesses in West Norriton Twp. for over 100 years. We are a primarily volunteer fire company. We have one paid driver on staff who lives at the firehouse. The purpose of having a paid driver in the township is to reduce response times, especially during weekdays when available manpower is light. On weekends, the paid driver does not work and a relief driver (one of our volunteers) will stay at the firehouse to ensure rapid response.

Our volunteers attend weekly evening training classes at the fire house where we go over various aspects of fighting fires and responding to emergencies. Additional training is held on weekends and other weeknights when we have the opportunity. Volunteers have the option of attending classes at the Montgomery County Fire Academy, the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy, and the U.S. Fire Academy. Volunteers are also encouraged to attend any other training they see fit. While the company makes every attempt to supply volunteers with all of their equipment, this is not always possible. Therefore, members must sometimes pay for equipment they need or want with their own money.

Our line officers are also volunteers. The Chief is elected by the members of the station. The Chief will then appoint a Deputy Chief and they will work together to choose the other company officers. Elections are also held to select our administrative officers.

While we are not a part of township government, we do receive some assistance from the township.

As has been mentioned several times already, we are volunteers. For people moving into the township from Philadelphia or another area with paid firefighters, this is an alien concept. Believe it or not, we are not crazy. Most of us have day jobs (or night jobs); some of us are retired. To the occasional chagrin of family members, we donate our time WHENEVER we are available, even during holidays. Time of day does not matter. There is no need to apologize to us when we arrive at your home at 3 a.m. to respond to a fire call. If we didn’t want to be there to help, we would not be volunteers! Members are attracted to the volunteer fire service for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, our main goal is to protect life and property!

Without your help, however, it is difficult to meet the demands placed on us. Without your donations, we could not provide you with the protection to which you have become accustomed.

For more information about our company, please visit the other sections of this web site or send the station an email! Email the

Have a great day and stay fire safe!