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Jefferson Fire Company No. 1 has been proudly Serving West Norriton Twp. since 1909.

On May 11, 1907 members of the community held a meeting in the home of Rev. William Tatlock, Pastor of the Jeffersonville Presbyterian Church, for the purpose of organizing a fire company.

On May 20, 1907 a Constitution and By-Laws was adopted but no charter applied for at that time due to limited funds. However, twelve buckets were purchased and kept in the wagon house adjacent to the parsonage.

October 14, 1907 the first person other than charter members, Irvin A Markley, was elected to membership. Also reported was the purchase of two six gallon Babcock Soda- Acid fire extinguishers. At that meeting the company name adopted was: The Volunteer Fire Company of Jeffersonville.

December 9, 1907 reported that an engine tire had been purchased for the purpose of sounding the alarm of fire. It was also reported that a cart had been placed in service to transport the buckets and extinguishers.

January 20, 1908 a resolution for “Cadet” members, people of the village under the age of eighteen of good physical strength and moral character, was adopted.

July 10, 1908 the fire company responded to its first fire at the Norristown State Hospital, one of their barns being involved.

On April 6, 1909 the fire company received its Charter at which time the corporate name was changed to: Jefferson Fire Company No.1.

During the year 1910 plans for a new fire house were initiated. During the winter years suitable quarters had to be found where some heat could be provided to keep the extinguishers from freezing.

June 10, 1912 the Equipment Committee was instructed to have a tongue installed on the Chemical Engine so it could be towed behind an automobile. This marked the beginning of the expansion of the fire response area.

April 29, 1912 reported that the Township Commissioners would donate the sand required and that the construction had begun on the new fire house, then located at 1987 West Main Street.

During the year 1913 a telephone was installed in the fire house.

May 17, 1915 the company purchased the Chadwick automobile and then converted it to carry the Chemical Engine Body and equipment.

During 1923 a new Hale Chemical Combination on a Reo chassis was received on April 14th. In June of that year the company hired its first driver.

October 14, 1935 the purchase of a new engine to replace the Reo was approved. It was built by Hale Fire Pump Company on a Ford Chassis.

The 1950s saw many changes in the fire company. Many of the company members attended State Fire Schools gaining new ideas for firefighting. Some members attended the State Fire School at Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

On March 12, 1951 the company purchased a new apparatus to replace the 1928 Brockway pumper. this new truck was to be built on a Ford Chassis by the Maxim Motor Company. The new Ford pumper was placed in service November 3, 1951.

May 4, 1956 the company approved the purchase of a Ward La- France Model 83-T 750 GPM. Triple Combination Pumper. The new Ward La- France was placed in service during March of 1957. The 1936 Ford was then converted into a service truck. The company had now grown into a three-piece company.

In June of 1962, a wooden boat and trailer were donated. It was important since we border the Schuykill River, this piece of equipment was used in case of a rescue or river search.

In 1963, plans were drawn up for a new fire house. In May of 1964 ground was broken for the new building at School Lane and Egypt Road.

On February 22, 1965, we moved into our new headquarters at 85 School Lane, and on May 22, 1965, we formerly dedicated the new building and housed the apparatus.

In 1967 we added a fourth piece of apparatus when we purchased a 1948 Chevrolet van from the Harmonville Fire Company.

In October 1969 we took delivery of our newest truck, a 1,000-gpm ward La-France pumper with a 750-gallon booster tank.

In May 1974 we received a new Ward La-France 1,000-gpm pumper and a Ford Van. The pumper was almost identical to our 1969 truck. The van replaced the old van that we purchased from Harmonville Fire Company in 1967.

During 1979 and 1980 we consulted with the township commissioners and architects, drew up plans. In 1981 the shell of the addition was raised.

In May 1981 we replaced our 1957 Ward with a Hahn pumper as well as another boat and trailer.